Susanna Chapter 7: Facing my father

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My father was next. He came rushing in.

“Is it true? You want to become a whore?”

“No dad, I don’t want to become a whore. I simply decided that the best way to serve my two years term was as a class S slave”

“But why?”

“Dad, did you like working hard all day during your term?”

“No, nobody does. What’s your point?”

“I simply decided to spend my two years term doing something fun, like having sex”

“Are you crazy?”

“No dad. I should make more than 160,000$ out of my two years term, that’s 80 grand a year, net. With that money as security, I will be able to start my new life with a good backing. That is, if you still let me keep it”

“Yes, there were no conditions. It’s yours, but I don’t like your plan.”

“What is it going to change dad? I am still going to be your daughter, and in two years, I will stop doing this and will go to college like all my classmates and will lead a normal life. No one will ever know what I did.”


“Dad, I am really tired, I had sex continually for the past month, and last night was my graduation party, so I am very tired.”

My dad was in shock, but still managed to ask: “Graduation party?”

“Yes dad, it is what you think, I was the center of a big orgy where I fucked my brains out. It was so strong I am still shaking! And for your information, I drank so much sperm in the last 12 hours that my stomach is full of it and I won’t be able to eat for a day of two and I was fucked so many times that when I woke up this morning, my legs where all wet, and finally, I was sodomized so much that I believe that my shit is going to be white for a few weeks. Damn dad, I am not a kid anymore! Hey, and that was not counting the girls I slept with!”

“You are crazy” he added, leaving the room.

I was alone again, but this time, I knew I had no one caring about me outside my door. I decided I was best sleeping for the rest of the day. I had not planned on going to school tomorrow, but I think it would be best.

For the last month, I had thought about how breaking the news to my parents would feel and I had revised it so often in my own mind that I simply no longer cared about their reaction.

I had two objectives tonight: warn them so they would know soon enough to calm down about it and ensure I would keep the money from my sale. The rest didn’t matter. If they still wanted me as their daughter after my term would be up then fine. Otherwise, I’d find myself a job or pay for further education with my well earned money.

I had anticipated my mother would come back to put some sense into me and I think I heard my parent argue downstairs a few times, but I was right when I told my father I was exhausted. I slept like a baby.

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  1. Krey Says:

    Oh my god, great chapter! I wish I could tell my Dad off like that.

  2. The Author Says:

    Thanks !

    This chapter was actually written in 2001.

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