Susanna Chapter 25: Turning the table

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When he stood up, I grabbed him with one arm and untied my bathrobe with the other. Being in the state of unbalance, he fell on the bed, lying on his back. I stood up, let the bathrobe fall of the floor, and threw myself naked at him.

I pressed my lips on his, and my breasts on his shirt. He started grumbling something, but I simply added pressure on my lips to shut him up.

I unzipped his pants and untied the button, revealing his underwear. He was still in shock but started to try to use his hands to remove me.

I had to act fast: I only had a few seconds to convince him of my worthiness. I rapidly took his dick in one hand and happily discovered it erect. I positioned myself above him and shoved him inside my mouth.

I didn’t move: all I wanted was to have him feel himself inside of me.

He stopped pushing me aside and I clearly saw his muscle relax. While slowly sucking him, I started unbuttoning his shirt. To my surprise, he actually started helping me: I had him!

We moved completely on the bed, instead of behind half on the floor. I inverted my position, placing myself over him, with my legs on each side of his head. I began massaging his erect cock with my tongue, slowly starting to move up and down, while caressing his balls with my hands.

When I felt he was wet and hard enough, I turned around pushed his erect cock inside my only available opening : my anus.

I regretted having my lips sealed shut but I could still feel him inside of me.

I erected myself as much as I could over him, trying to offer him a good look on my naked body while allowing me to caress my breasts.

“You are very beautiful, did you know that?”

“Thank you for telling me”

I slowly, but surely, kept increasing the speed of my thrusting, until he started to lose his grip on my breasts.

A few moments before he would ejaculate inside of me, I pulled out and turned around, resuming my earlier fellatio and completely surprising him.

I pumped hard with my mouth and my hands and let him come strongly at the back of my throat.

I successfully swallowed all of his semen, making sure to licks my lips and erase as much as possible the taste from my mouth.

I knew I had not only to get rid of the taste of the semen but also of any fecal matter that might have stayed on his cock after the sodomy.

I changed position, kissing him, while he caressed my hair. I could feel his penis next to my pubic mound, slowly relaxing after a good work period.

“It is just sad I couldn’t penetrate you”

“IT is YOUR pleasure that pleases me.”

“Thank you Susanna”

“Don’t thank me… I am yours, body AND soul… do what you want with me.”

“Maybe I will, Maybe I will, I believe that if you graduated with honors, this is only a demo of your capabilities”

“Oh yes, believe me…”

“Great, I think I am in heaven”

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