Susanna Chapter 10: Leaving my parents

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My parents had calmed down about my class choice, but were still very emotional. The 19th birthday of any child is generally highly emotional because it is the day parents lose their him or her to official adulthood. Furthermore, for two years, I will not be able to talk to them unless one of us gets sick, thought generally, slaves are allowed to call their parents on their 20th birthday to give them news.

At 9h30, the auction man came. He seemed nice. He confirmed my class choice, he confirmed, after he asked me to strip naked in front of my parents, that I was going to get a 350,000$ base price, and also indicated that only one other class S slave was being sold in the city today but at a base price of 100,000$ since she didn’t follow any courses.

He gave me a metal bra to put on and he locked it tight with a lock. He then asked me to put on a metal panty and lock it tight too. He also installed a metal collar, to which he attached a chain and saluted my parents.

He pulled me like a dog on a leash and made me sit in his car, bare footed. While on route to the slave market he gave me orders.

“You are not allowed to speak, other than to answer questions. And when you do, you finish you phrase by “Master” or “Mistress”. You must give short answers, and if ordered to do anything, respond as quickly as possible. Is that understood?”

“Yes Master”

“Great, you understand well. You will be the last slave sold today. During the rest of the auction, you will be in a private chamber where potential buyers will come to check you out. You have to obey them. They must pay a 10,000$ deposit just to see you. If they don’t buy you, they don’t get the money back, so be nice to them: The more interested people, the more money you might get. During the interviews, be really naughty; be submissive at the same time”

“I understand Master”

“Now, I am going to give you a trick to live with yourself for the next 2 years: Stop thinking. For the next 2 years, you must stop existing. You will be only a slut. You will be nothing. You are property. Swallow your pride, forget about yourself, and you will be fine. The persons who will buy you will end up in jail if they treat you too badly, so whatever happens, they won’t go too far. But it doesn’t include your mind. So watch out.”

“I understand Master”

“Great. One last thing, for every person who pays a deposit and bid, I am going to give you 2,000$, so convince them you are worthy.”

“I am worthy Master; they will try to buy me”

“I like that spirit. What is your name again?”

I remember that Alicia warned me about that question. It was a trick question

“How would you like to call me Master?”

“How did your mother name you?”

“Susanna Master”

“Great.We are approaching”

We entered the slave market by the rear. I knew that the auctions were private: In order to assist, you needed to pay a good price, and a deposit. I think attending was 50$, but you needed to deposit 1000$ each time, which would count toward any purchase of a slave. If someone came every week, in a year, he needed to pay 2600$ to attend, and deposit 52,000 $, a really outrageous amount.

And there were auction every day of the week, not just during the week-end. As such, a kind of program was available to prospective buyers. My seller made me read the publicity about me:

“Number S2: 5 foot 9, 120 pounds, 35C-24-34, long red hair, wonderful green eyes, perfect satin skin. Graduated WITH HONOR from a full course in Class S training at the Atkinson Academy, with a mention of being extraordinarily submissive, and has virtually no limits on anything. ABDEGHIJLMNORSTU Certified. Starts at 350,000$.”

I didn’t know what to think about it. It gave a very cold sexual description of me. I wondered what the letters where for. They apparently were a code on which field I was already proficient in. They ranged from A to U, and the more I had, the better it was. For example, A stood for Anal Penetration, B for Bondage and U for Urine play. It meant I was ready for all of that. I didn’t ask where he got the notes, probably from the academy. He said that having 16 of the 21 codes certified was rare.

Right above my entry was the entry for the other Class S girl :

“Number S1: 5 foot 4, 105 pounds, 36D-25-35, medium blond hair, blue eyes, perfect satin skin. DEJLT Experimented. Starts at 100,000$.”

The description was clearly less interesting. I also wondered about the difference between being “Certified” and Being “Experimented”.

I was showed my way into my chamber. My metal underwear was removed leaving me naked except for my collar. I noticed a huge mirror in one wall. Probably one-way mirror to spot me. The floor had a carpet and was comfortable bare footed. There was a huge bed in the center of the room.

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