Susanna Chapter 20: Being Felicia

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I felt asleep. I don’t know how long I slept, but I clearly knew how I was woken up:
I was hit strongly on the side by a cane, leaving a long red mark.

“Wake up bitch, my husband just finished work and it’s your time to start”

“Yes mistress”

Jeff was outside my room. He accompanied me to the Master’s apartment.

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“Actually no, I don’t know why, but actually I like being hit”

“Your publicity noted you have being a certified masochist”

“Where did you see that?”

“You had the ‘M’ certification.”

“Oh right. I forgot about it”

Once we arrived, he asked me to knock on the door.

“Is it my little cupcake?”

“Yes master”

The door opened. He was wearing the same bathrobe from the previous night.

“I have a gift for my little sweetheart”

“A gift for me master? I am not worth it”

“Yes you are”

“Close your eyes”

He then took my hand, and we walked a little. I know we entered the corridor and a door on the left.

“Open your eyes”

I was in a richly decorated bedroom. The wall were painted pink, the mattress was pink also. There was an open closet filled with woman clothes.

“Do you like your new bedroom?”

“It is too much master”

“No it’s not; nothing is too much for my little muffin. You have to swear you won’t say a thing to my wife…”

“Of course master”

“But I had a mistress a few years ago, when I was younger. Well, mistress in the sense of lover, not in the sense of master. She was a little older than you. She had been a maid here and, being a little younger, seduced her. My wife discovered our affair, and got rid of her. But secretly, I had hidden her in my apartment, and this was her bedroom.

Since then she has left me, but I kept her room as it is. Her name was Felicia. From now on, you will be Felicia. You will not be my slave: you will be my lover, my equal. You will remain in my apartment, and will watch over me”

“But master, I desire only to serve you, not to be your equal”

“But, that is how I want to be pleased”

“I agree master, but you must promise me one thing master”

“I see you are accepting your role. You would have never put a condition on my orders before”

“My condition, master, is that even thought I will play the part of Felicia, I will remain your slave. That is what I desire. Please, from time to time, order me, punish me; treat me like your property”

“I would never be able to hurt you. But if it is what it takes to have your love, I agree”

“Then, Master, take me. Now”

He pushed me on the bed, and started kissing me. However, after a few minutes, he stopped.

“I am sorry, Felicia had shorter hair”

“Then cut my hair Master”

He ran outside and came back with a pair of scissors. He cut my hair several inches, but very unevenly.

Afterward, we had sex on my new bed.

This time, it was less extraordinary. I would even say boring. But my master seemed to like it very much.

“Master, I have a few questions. If I remain here, how will I eat?”

“Behind the door at the left of the entrance is a small dining room. It can only sit two people, but there is a plate elevator and an intercom to the kitchen. I will ask Katryn to prepare you your meals discreetly”

“But the door is locked Master”

“It is true, isn’t it? Ok, I will unlock a few doors for you. You will live as my Felicia lived. And since you were about the same size, you can wear her dresses”

“Should I dress up or remain naked master?”

“It is your choice Felicia. In the past, sometimes you wore a dress, sometimes not. I know that you loved to sun tan naked on the balcony.”

I started pretending to be Felicia. It was kind of fun. I wanted to know everything about her, I wanted to be her.

I put on one of her red dress. It felt nice to be clothed again.

We had a small romantic supper in the small dinning room. He unlocked the room at the extreme right of the corridor, in the lobby. It was a normal bathroom, with a shower, toilet and make-up table, full of Felicia’s old make-up. Most had turned bad, but Master would buy new one. He also unlocked the door in front of the bathroom. It contained a Sauna. He finally opened the room in front of mine. It was an entertainment center with a big screen TV, a DVD player, video games and a lot of old movies. There were also a few books.

“You loved to watched movies; I will bring you new ones if you want”

Six of the doors were kept locked: The computer room, the three rooms at the end of the lobby and the two rooms at the beginning of the corridor.

He removed the keys of the now unlocked doors from his key chain and gave them to me.

“In case you lock yourself out of a room”. I put them in the broom closet, where I was sure it would not be locked.

He also explained to me that I could bring the dirty clothes and the garbage to Katryn by using the food elevator.

Over all, it was fun. Master treated me as if I truly was Felicia.

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    I just wanted to say I loved this whole story so far and am truly looking forward to the rest. You really have a great view on the lifestyle!

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