Susanna Chapter 14: First night

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I waited a few minutes, and I heard the door open behind me.

A middle-aged woman started talking

“So here is the little bitch I just bought”

She walked around me, checking me out

“You are the most expensive gift I ever gave to my stupid husband. You are better being worth it”

“Yes Mistress, I shall not fail you”

“Did I ask you a question?” hitting me hard on the face

“No Mistress”

“Then don’t answer. You see, tomorrow is my husband’s birthday, and I didn’t know what to give him. After hesitating between a new painting and a new limo, I bought you. But listen to me, I am your mistress. I just want you to entertain my hubby, and make him a little happier. But if he falls in love with you, I’ll kill you. Is that clear?”
“Yes Mistress”

“Great. Tonight, you will sleep in with the maid. Ask her to bring you food to eat discreetly. My husband must not see you. Tomorrow, the maid will bring you some gift wrapping. I want you to make yourself sexy with it. I will give you a room in a few days but first, I guess my husband will want to try you out in his room for a little while. Now leave my sight little bitch, and don’t forget what you are… an object”

I left without saying a word. Jeff was waiting outside the door. He accompanied me to the maid’s quarters. He didn’t say anything: He was probably used to it. Once in the maid’s quarters, a small modest room compared to the richness of the decoration of the mansion, he presented me to the Maid. She was about the same age as I am, but with definitely less beautiful feature. She seemed very shy, especially at my nakedness.

We started talking; the three of us had agreed to call each other by our first name when in one of our rooms. I would have preferred to be their bottom, but I guess having two friends wasn’t that bad.

The maid was called Katryn. I hesitate, but I finally decided to give my real name.

Jeff: So, I finally know your real name

Katryn: I guess you are a Class S slave

Susanna: Yes, I am. Our mistress bought me as a gift to our master.

J: Hey, Katryn, do you know how much I paid for her?

K: I don’t know

J: You’ll never guess… 460,000$!

I was a little ashamed

K: That much! They had me for 14,000$! You are going to be rich in two years!

S: I guess so… I still don’t understand why someone would pay that much for me

J: These folks are crazy. They pay fortunes to give themselves birthday and Christmas
present, but they don’t even talk to each other.

K: It’s true; we often need to serve as middle-man when they are fighting.

J: I guess you won’t… You see, it will probably be pretty easy for you in here. Katryn and I do all the chores around here already. I do most of the chores for the master and the driving.

K: While I do most of the chores for the mistress. Plus, I do the cooking. Together we clean the house, and it gives us about 8 to 10 hours per day of work, plus special demands. The rest is ours. Generally, we play cards, or simply relax.

J: But the first few weeks are awful. Both are going to exceed you if they do the same thing as they did for us

K: Jeffrey, they were never hard on you, Patricia told me so

J: Damn Patricia, ok, so they are both hard on girls. They will make you clean behind Katryn

S: Can they do that? I was told they could not make me do class D chores

K: Then, they will find another way to torment you

J: But after a few weeks, you will end up ignored most of the time like both of us.

S (to herself): So much for all the sex…

J: What do you mean ?

S: I was trained to have sex, like, very often. But I guess I won’t use my training.

J: Forget it, the Master is even older than the mistress. that’s why she gave you as a gift. You will probably do nothing since the master will be too tired to do anything

K: That is if poor Jeff here doesn’t hit on you…

J: Katryn!

K: When I arrived here, Jeff kept hitting on me, and we eventually slept together, but the mistress found out and I was punished

J: I was punished too…

K: No you were not… I was hit on the ass so long I couldn’t sit for a few days; they only made you clean the garage

J: With a toothbrush

K: With MY toothbrush

S: That’s enough! I guess I should rest a little, because tomorrow I will be giving to the master as a gift. Could I have something to eat Katryn?

K: Well, certainly Susanna, it would be my pleasure. I will fix you a sandwich, but in the future, tell me what you prefer, and I will prepare it for you.

J: Would you like something to wear?

S: Well, I was taught that I could never wear anything unless specifically ordered to do so.

J: So, you must be naked at all time?

S: Yes

K: It’s going to give something to look at for this pervert.

Jeff and Katryn left me alone, still arguing. Sexually speaking, I guess the next two years are going to be pretty boring, but at least, I will have most of my time alone. Maybe I could get permission to read books from the library. And if I am too bored, I will simply have sex with Jeff: I would love to be punished like Katryn had been!

There was only one bed in the room. I asked Katryn what she wanted to do, and she offered me the bed. I indicated that I didn’t mind sleeping on the ground. She compromised by sharing the bed with me.

She changed in the bathroom to a long nightgown which hid whatever beauty she might have.

The bed was small, so we slept really close to each other, in fact, our backs where touching.

I woke up during the night, and discovered I was sleeping in the spoon position with her. She was holding my hand, probably thinking it was Jeff’s. I didn’t mind and instead fell asleep feeling her breasts against my back.

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