Susanna Chapter 32: Leaving Simon behind

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We left Simon behind and went to my room. Dorothy and I were both naked and judging by Dorothy erect nipples, both very excited. On the bed, we lied next to ex-other, with Dorothy tucking her head on my stomach. I gently stroke her hair while she began crying.

“I loved him so much. I know it shouldn’t have succeeded, but we were finally getting along. I knew the two years would be hard, but I never imagined he would cheat on me.”

I know she wanted to talk, and even if I only said : “You are right, or I understand you”, I knew I would infuriate her : after all, I was the one he cheated her with.

She kept crying for a few minutes, grumblings some incomprehensible things. Slowly, her tears and her grumbling were fading.

When she stopped, I decided to keep stroking her hair with one hand, and started stroking her back with the other. She was starting to get goosebumps. Instead of caressing directly her skin, I was simply passing my hand over it, far enough not to touch her, but close enough to caress all the tiny little almost invisible hair everyone has over their body.

She was definitely responding. A little moan came out of her throat. With her left hand, she began stroking my skin, slowly imitating my movements. After a few minutes of gentle caressing, she lifted her head, and started stroking my hair. While we were slowly caressing each other, she looked me straight in the eyes and simply said “You are so beautiful”.

I already knew that, but I replied something I knew she ignored: “And so you are. Your skin is so soft, your hair is shinning, and your eyes are as profound as the sea. I believe I am in love with you, Mistress”.

I had decided not to mention her perfect round breast or her juicy pink cunt, not wanting to confuse her, but I think she got my point.

“But I can’t be attracted by you, at least, I don’t think so. I mean, I love Simon, I can’t love you too. And worse, you are a woman. I am not a lesbian…”

“Let your heart talk. If it tells you to desire me, let it go… just because you are attracted by me doesn’t mean you don’t love Simon anymore. Let your body talk”

Fearing her answer, I began kissing her. Not a lustful man’s kiss, but a deep passionate woman’s kiss. The first few seconds took her by surprise; the next few ones were hesitant. But after that, she was lost. Lost in lust. I think we French kissed each other for a few hours… which probably were closer to a few minutes, but time is relative.

Slowly, gradually, we began exploring each other’s body. Unlike the other times, in front of Simon or earlier when she threw me down, we were taking our time.

We slowly started learning how to touch, lick, tickle, caress and even bite every square inch of the body of our lover. After Dorothy’s first hesitations, she started to ask a little how her caress felt and even started indicating how my touch felt. Slowly, a great complicity was building and fun installed itself.

The relation was more tenderness than actual sexuality, but slowly, our desire for more intensity was building. Dorothy was gaining more and more confidence in herself, and I decided to try something. We had played a little with each other breasts, but we had kept it more superficial. So I slowly licked my way to her nipple and slowly sucked it while caressing her other breast with my hand.

Gradually, I felt her excitement increase, and judging by the fact she slowed down and started to lose her coordination, I think she liked it. She tried to dive down on my breasts, but of course, it was impossible as long as I was sucking hers. So she simply used her hands. She was a little clumsy at first, but was gaining prowess.

At that moment, I dropped my free hand on her cunt, slowly caressing it, bringing her close to ecstasy. I couldn’t wait to really bring her to a powerful orgasm, but I had to wait and take my time… that’s how a woman works.

She tried to return me the favor, but frankly, if I wouldn’t have been all that excited, I would have felt nothing because of the stitches. Even with me that soaked by desire, I only received a tenth of what I was giving her.

It didn’t matter to me: she was my mistress and her pleasure was more important to me than mine and after all, she would learn with time how to please me.

But I guess I should be honest, what she lacked in skill, she tried to make up with effort and desire.

I guess I was truly distracting her… especially now that I had found her G spot for the second time today. This time would be different: Instead of bringing her to orgasm by pure physical stimulation, I decided to bring her emotions in the mix and sent her even further in.

“I love you Dorothy”

Half conscious, she replied “I love you too”.

I began reciting everything I could think of to bring her closer to an emotional bond with me.

Qualities, promises, sexual thought, anything to arouse her even more. And with my hand stimulating both her G spot and her clitoris at the same time, it wasn’t easy. Especially since I think that caressing me excited her even more.

Unlike the first time, her orgasm was gentler, less strong, but lasted much longer, leaving her completely drained. She couldn’t even cry. She was just shaking, silently. She rolled on her side, and I spooned her from behind, stroking her hair again. She fell asleep without saying a word.

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