Susanna Chapter 36: The Gardner

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Life was finally exactly like I wanted. I was totally enslaved by Dorothy, a wonderful woman and mistress.

Simon had finished his probation and no longer wore the belt on a constant basis, but he kept being submissive, which pleased both of them. As me, I was finally getting a lot of torrid sex from both, often at the same time. Several times, Dorothy and Simon proposed to have my lips un-sewed, but I was starting to like them. Simon could sodomize me, and Dorothy was able to bring me to orgasm just by licking the outside of my lips.

One routine I really enjoyed implicated me licking Dorothy while Simon sodomized me. Before he would come, I would switch position and fellatio his cock that seconds before, was thrusting in my colon. Simon was disgusted for me, but since it excited Dorothy, it really made me horny.

Every few days, for my benefit, they organized strong sado-masochism sessions. Dorothy had a lot of enthusiasm and originality, while Simon had the strength and endurance to carry her plans. Every now and then I would be in pain for a few days after such events, but oddly enough, it made me long even more for the next session.

I hadn’t left Simon’s apartment since I came and as such, life was pretty routine. Unlike Simon’s dad, both of my masters didn’t have to work, leaving only occasionally. I know they wanted to go to college, but the new sessions would start only in a few months.

But something was strange. Simon was feeling a little distant with me. I knew Dot and he had discussion sometimes in bed about me when I wasn’t allowed to sleep with them, but I was never able to hear what they were about.

Until one night when I was waked up and asked to put a bathrobe ( which is strange, since I had not worm anything since Dorothy became my master, unless you count the few minutes I would wear something sexy before having sex with her ).

In the lobby, a man whom I recognized has being the gardener was sitting in a couch.

“Susanna”, said strangely Simon, not slave, not slut, but truly Susanna, “I would like to present you Mr. Grout, our Gardner, and a member of the secret services”

The Secret Services???

“Hello, Susanna, before we begin, I guess I should start from the start. You have told Simon that his mother killed a slave a few years ago, because his father fell in love with her. We already knew about this. I had been sent here to investigate another more serious crime, and, not willing to jeopardize our investigation, we decided to silence the matter”

“Well, what kind of Crime is more serious than murder?”

“You know from his son that Mr. Blake controls all the slave academies. There is a reason for that. He has in his control a method for modifying the brain of his trainees so that they become truly submissive… permanently”

Simon said “That is why you are so submissive Susanna. You were conditioned against your will. We think a drug is used to cause a personality adjustment that will remain intact for the rest of the life of the victim, even after the drug is removed. You will never be able to have a free will again, I am sorry…”

“That could explain why I became so submissive. But, why don’t you stop them?”

“You have to understand that we don’t have any proofs, well, until very soon”

“What do you mean?”

Simon “My dad had a car accident and the secret services copied his keys while he was in the hospital. We are going to try to get in his room and steal evidence. He must have something in his computer”

“He has a bunch of files in his computer room about slaves, and his two storerooms are also full of papers”

Agent:”You saw them?”

“Once, when I cleaned on the first day. He woke up late and didn’t close the door well.”

“Great there is surely enough information in there to incriminate him. We’ve got to get these files”

“Why didn’t you take them already?”

“Well, we have a little problem: One of the keys of the front door cannot be copied, despite all our efforts. So we thought you could enter his food lift and give us the files through it”

“Why me?”

“You are the only one small enough to fit in the lift we can trust, and you know the layout.”

“Ok, I will do it. Let’s just hope he won’t come back for dinner”

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