Susanna Chapter 35: Slave Simon

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Just as I was usually naked except when Dorothy wanted me to dress up, Simon was forced to stay entirely without clothes, but of course, cannot remove his chastity belt.

Something changed both in Dorothy and Simon’s eyes. At first it was rather subtle, but slowly the intensity seemed to increase.

The first emotion I had seen Dorothy express had been rage. Her rage had slowly changed in appearance, sometimes being expressed as wanton desire and other times as passionate domination but never had I seen it reduce in intensity.

It was as if an electrical current had taken possession of her body and of her soul and was forcing her to live everything to the extreme.

Simon on the other hand, who was usually calm and reserved vibrated like an fire stuck between two walls. He seemed always on the verge of exploding and destroying everything around him while still being completely contained by the fire retardant properties of his love for Dorothy.

The combination seemed to be explosive without really exploding. Each of  them slowly found their own position, Dorothy as an angry dominatrix and Simon as a reluctant slave.

But I could see the patterns shifting even if they didn’t seem to realize it. Slowly, both of them also began accepting their fate: Dorothy as a pant wearing member of the couple and Simon as the whipped boyfriend willing to do anything for the love of his life.

Each day, the electricity in Dorothy’s eye dimmed ever so slightly and gradually became more sensual and less painful to watch. Each day she accepted my love and Simon’s attentions with more grace as if settling in her new role finally gave her permission to experience being pampered and loved.

Simon on the other hand, came from a very dominating family and his new chaste condition seemed to extinguish the flames burning up inside of him, enabling him to get some new perspective in his life: he was safe, he was with his girlfriend and he had what many boys would kill for, an active sexual life, after a fashion.

He must have realized that instead of quickly executed sexual sessions with a single girlfriend which terminated with an ejaculation, he had hours of foreplay and sexual pleasure with two beautiful girls who evidently enjoyed his company.

Gradually, being forced to do humiliating tasks such as cleaning us or digging for his key became less like painful moments to get through and more like sexy adventures which were self-fulfilling.

I could understand the shift in his mind because I had gone through the same exact learning process. There is something emotionally liberating about being submissive which only a few people managed to experience.

Placing yourself in the hands of a loved one is by itself extremely erotizing for many people and being degraded and humiliated allows to get rid of many pains from childhood in which we felt inadequate.

By choosing to submit, you let go of your self-worth, something we have no control over, and instead embrace your uselessness as an independent person in order to be appreciated solely on our ability to obey and submit, something we can ultimately have complete control over.

I cannot choose to be a better person. I cannot choose to be more intelligent. I can choose however to be more submissive, to let go of my sense of self-worth to live solely to please.

I realized it during my training at the academy. I could now see in Simon’s eyes that he was beginning to feel it too, and slowly, Dorothy was learning to accept it.

Interestingly, the more Simon and I both embraced Dorothy as our mistress, the less she felt the need to over-exert control over us.

She knew she had our attention. She knew she could do anything. And that’s exactly how I like it.

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  1. The Author Says:

    And so, I managed to publish it! I think it turned out rather well, even if it’s not exactly what I had in mind.

    But there is always time for more BDSM and sex in other chapters and perhaps I will have more time to work on them 😉

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