Susanna Chapter 37: Moving files

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We left Simon’s apartment. I hoped we wouldn’t meet his mother, but they reassured me that she was exceptionally in the city: this is why they choose that day.

As for Katryn, she was cleaning upstairs.

I could barely fit in the lift: I took the keys, and rode up.

The apartment was even filthier than it was when I first arrived. The master was probably close to despair now that he lost me.

I started by the storage rooms: they had more stuff than the computer room, but the path to the dinning room was unhindered by the layered clothes.

I check the clock; it was 8h32. I decided to hurry: I wanted to finish before 11h45, to be safe. I ran quickly out of breath, but when I discovered that the lift was much slower than I could feed it: Files were piling up in the dinning room.

So, I decided to explore a little.

There were three doors I never saw opened: Those at the end of the lobby.

I unlocked the left one. It led to a stair going up: It linked to the left door of Simon’s Apartment! The door upstairs was locked, probably by Simon’s keys.

The right one (which I explored after another ride of the lift), lead to a corridor going straight to another locked door. It was probably connected to the mistress’s apartment.

The middle door connected to a stair case going down. It used a different key than the two others.

At the bottom of the stair case (several floors below), there was a long dark corridor, of which I couldn’t see the end.

I relocked all doors and kept moving the files.

Wanting to save time, I asked Simon to unlock his door at the end of the stair, but he admitted he didn’t have the keys for it.

By 10h15, the first locker was done. We didn’t have time to finish all the files for 11h45.

Even thought I desperately moved as fast as I could, it was impossible.

The lift was the true bottle neck. I took a full 2 minutes to do a full round trip, plus the time it took to fill and unload it.

I proceeded to fill it as much as possible, but I knew we wouldn’t have time…

However, it is only after the Intercom yelled: “He is coming, hide!”, that I started panicking. I first thought to leave by the lift, but I had just sent it away. It would take a full minute to go down, several seconds to empty it, and then another minute to go up. It was too tight to make it : he usually was in his room less than thirty seconds after his arrival.

The first thing I did was hide the keys. I hid them in the bucket under the mop: It wouldn’t be seen and the door couldn’t be locked. I could then unlock the dinning room once my master left.

Now, I only had one thing to hide: me.

It would be impossible to hide that the files were being stolen. Not with 30 seconds before me. If I would have thought more about this, I could have been more cautious, but enough with that, I had to hide… The beds were not high enough, and jumping from the balcony was unthinkable.

And I was already hearing the first lock clicking. Damn.

The Bath! I ran to the bath and closed the door behind me. Master would probably not think about this place, and my respiration would be silenced by the massive door.

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