Susanna Chapter 18: Freshing Up

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The next morning, my master woke up disoriented.

“You know Susanna; you gave me a lot of nice dreams tonight. I dreamed we were alone on the beach, making love all day”

“I would love to go somewhere in the south with you Master, we could spend all day making out.”

“It would really be nice Susanna, you are very beautiful”

“Thank you master, I am happy to please you”

“Why didn’t you come sleeping with me?”

“You didn’t allow me master”

“In the future, don’t sleep on the couch, come sleep with me”

“Yes Master”

“What time is it?” he checked on his alarm clock.

“Fuck! I am late!”

“Quick slave, bring me my clothes from the bathroom”

I ran to the bathroom, brought the clothes to him.

He was already buttoning his new shirt. I proposed to button it while he put on his pants. I also attached his left shoe while he attached his right one.

He left, but insisted on kissing me before doing so.

He took his briefcase from the computer room, unlocked the door to the corridor, and locked it behind him, keeping me a prisoner inside.

At first, I didn’t realize what it meant, but my stomach quickly reminded me that I had not ate lunch and had only eaten a small supper the day before. I resigned myself that I would not eat today either. I had not prepared that.

Fortunately, one of the unlocked doors lead to a toilet so I could relieve myself. I quickly explored the rest of my environment.

The three doors opposite to the entrance were locked. The door to the bath room was still wide open, and so did the door to the bedroom.

But the other doors in the corridors were all locked.

The two small doors located on each side of the corridors however didn’t have locks.

One of them contained various equipments: brooms, a vacuum, cleaning products, a pillow, a few rolls of toilet papers and boxes of paper tissues.

The other one was a closet, which contained some jackets and coats on wire hangers.

The two other doors where locked.

I started thinking about my choice to become a class S slave.

I would probably have sex with my master several times a week. But I would otherwise be left alone. Today, he left in a hurry and locked me in, but tomorrow, he would need to unlock me, since I needed to eat, allowing me possibly to read books in the library, or watch some TV, or even talk with Jeff and Katryn, if they have free time.

I would work much less than Katryn and Jeff, and have much more money than the both of them together.

I started my day by taking a bath: there was no shower, at least, none visible. I just made sure not to close the mirrored door: It was not time to lock myself in.

Afterward, I explored the bedroom.

There were a few books piled a little everywhere. I regrouped them: most were boring, but there were some classic novels. It would help me pass the time if I needed to.

The three cabinets contained my master’s clothes. They all looked similar, except for some jogging pants and shirt.

The most interesting feature of the bedroom was actually hidden: behind the red curtain was an unlocked door leading to a huge balcony towering over the backyard. There was also a huge bay window next to the door.

The balcony was encased in the building: it rested in a small depression, blocking my view on the rest of the mansion.

There was apparently another balcony above this one, but none below, giving a three floor drop to the ground.

At least, I would be able to have some sun, that is, if he leaves the door of his room unlocked. I noticed that, unlike the other doors, the bedroom door could be unlocked from the inside.

Since I would spend a few days in here, from time to time, I decided to take the free time to clean a little. I know I am not supposed to do cleaning, but Katryn said my master doesn’t let her enter his apartments, so I have the choice between respecting the rules and seeing him in a dirty apartment, or bending them a little and actually see him in a clean one.

I picked up all the dirty clothes and made a neat pile in a corner. I used the vacuum on the carpets, and washed with a rag the floor elsewhere. I even waged war against the walls.
Then, something funny happened. When I started cleaning the door of the computer room, it opened. The door knot was locked, but when I pushed it, it opened.

My master must not closed it completely.

I didn’t know what to do. I was about to close it tight to lock it, when the insatiable curiosity of Susanna overwhelmed the passivity of the slave inside her.

The room contained a computer desk, with a phone next to it. There were several filling cabinet. Files were scattered on a table next to the computer desk. They were files about people. But rapidly taking a look at them, I could see they were files about slaves, with pictures, sales prices, education, and assignments. Maybe my master was working for the slave market.

I checked the phone, it was working. I couldn’t resist calling my parents, nobody would ever know. I knew no-one would be home, but I could leave a message on their answering machine.

“You have reached 555-2785, after the beep, leave a message, beeeep”

“Hello Mom, Hello Dad, Hello Scott. It’s Susanna. I am fine and well treated. I had the opportunity to make a phone call, but won’t be able to do so in the future. I know you can’t reach me, but I just wanted to say I love you all very much. My master seems nice. See you all in two years!”

I replaced everything as I had found them. I even checked to make sure I didn’t leave footmarks on the floor.

I closed the door behind me, therefore locking it.

Then something hit me: If my master worked in the slave market, he should have known what a class S slave is. One of the files I saw was a document of another class S slave, and it had very explicit pictures. Why did he claim to not know what it was ?

But maybe he is simply secretive, maybe he doesn’t want his wife to know through me what he really does for a living.

I finished cleaning the lobby. The whole apartment (at least, the parts I had access to), was almost brand new. I had even opened the bay window and the curtain to change the air a little, giving a definitely fresher smell.

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