Susanna Chapter 24: Revelations

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I woke up late in the morning, not having slept for a while. I checked the sutures once more, and it felt really weird.

My pussy was definitely sewed closed, and I couldn’t touch myself at all. Not only were my lips sealed together but the fleshy sensitive parts were turned toward the interior, preventing me from even rubbing them. All traces of my clitoris had not only vanished, I couldn’t even feel it when I pressed on top of it. I could barely feel the delicate stitches that almost erased any hints of my sexuality.

I put the bathrobe back on and left my room.

I didn’t see Simon in the lobby, and all the doors were closed. However, as I opened them to find Simon, I find that only the two storage rooms and the three doors of the lobby were locked. Even the computer room was unlocked, but it didn’t have filling cabinets: Only a computer, some bookcases and a phone.

In the dining room, I discovered a letter for me, indicating that the food on the table was for me. There were fruits and muffins, which, after a few days of near starvation, where actually quite nourishing.

Even his room was unlocked.

It was a lot lovelier than his father’s room. The room had pastel colors, making it softer on the eyes. Instead of a big red drape hiding the wall, we could clearly see the door and the window, which was covered by a pastel purple drape.

I checked on the balcony: I discovered that Simon’s apartment was right over his father’s apartment. I was now standing on the top of the balcony I had seen so often from below. There was another balcony above Simon’s apartment. It was probably for his mother’s suite.

In Simon’s room, I was surprised to find some woman’s clothes. And beautiful ones, not just sexy lingerie and dresses (thought there were some), but also normal day use clothes. There all seemed to be a little too small for me.

I saw an old picture of Simon with a girl. She was beautiful. Possibly she was his girlfriend before he served his internship: Becoming 18 really has a way of killing romances.

In the bathroom (the one with the spa), I found a pharmacy with some medication. I was still hurting and took another pain killers.

I took the opportunity to sleep a little more, to get my strength back.

I was awakened by Simon. He knocked on my door: He didn’t come in until I let him do so.

He sat on my bed, next to me.

“How are you feeling today?”

“Better, thank you”

“No, don’t thank me. It’s not your fault you fell in my family, I guess it was my duty to save you”

“Well, the problem is your mother, not your father”

Simon looked despaired.

“You don’t know much about my father… I thought I did, but I was wrong.”

I didn’t know what to say.

He changed the subject.

“And you, what are your dark secrets?”

“I don’t have any…”

“But then, why did you become a class S?”

“Well, I figured that I was better off having sex a few times a week and getting a few hundred grand, than working more than 60 hours a week getting only a few grand”

“I guess so… Didn’t it bother you to sleep with a stranger?”

“Well, to tell you the truth, I didn’t consider it until I went to the academy. They convinced me to try it as a student, and make my choice later. It turns out that I discovered I really loved being dominated for sex. I am very submissive according to my teachers, so I graduated with honors. That’s how I got that amount of money”

“How much did my mom pay?”

“460 grand”


“You heard me well, 460,000$”

“Geez, I only got 34,000$, and that was thanks to Jeff’s Father”

“What do you mean?”

“My father never wanted to send me as a slave, so he asked Jeff’s father to buy me and treat me well, and in exchange, my father bought Jeff and treats him well.”

“So, your fathers were friends?”

“They work together, but Jeff and I are best friends”

“So, that’s why Jeff has it so easy”

“Well, actually, he does more than he was suppose to do… he tries to help Katryn, because he really likes her”

“What does your father do?”

“Hum, I don’t know if I should tell you this… my father secretly owns the slave academies”

“Which one?”

“All of them”

“ALL of them? You mean, even those in other regions…”

“Yeap, he bought them one after the other. Of course, he is simply the majority holder, he doesn’t own all the stocks, but the academies all obey him”

“Then, what does Jeff’s father do?”

“He manages the local slave market”

“I see why they work together”

“Yes, my father train slaves according to the demands made on Jeff’s father, who in turn selects the starting price according to the training received. That way, they both make an enormous amount of money. The same thing goes on with the other slave Markets.”

“That’s why he is so rich”

“Yes, but that not everything. There is something else, but we’ll talk about it another time. I am not suppose to know anything about this”

“Your father never told you?”

“He never even told my mother. She thinks he made his money in the stock market.”

“Then, why do you know?”

“Jeff’s father told me, but that’s enough. I already told you too much. I am sorry; I will let you rest a little”

“Simon, what are you going to do with me?”

“I guess I will let you live here until your time runs up. Then pray my father will have forgotten about you.”

Jeff was being too nice with me. I felt bad: being a slave, I was the one who was supposed to help him, not the other way around. So I decided to change sides a little…

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