Susanna Chapter 22: Captured

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Yet another dinner eaten alone in the little dinning room. At least if I could eat with Katryn and Jeff, instead, the only human contact I had was thru a chirping intercom. Unfortunately, when I was the most alone, during the day, Jeff and Katryn were doing their chores. And when they were available, my Master would be there.

It’s not that I am complaining about when he is here. It’s just that most of the time, I just follow him to his bed, where he talks a few minutes with me and then falls asleep. Talking of which, I was feeling quite tired and decided to take a little nap.

When I woke up, I was in a wonderful dream: I was naked and tied to a table, with a strong light over my face. I felt in heaven: I was so bounded, I was only hoping to be played with a little. Did master wizened up a little? Did Jeff give me a surprise to un-bore me? I would love to be whipped by his strong arms.

But unfortunately, it was mistress.

“I see you recovered dirty little runt. Do you know why you are here stupid bitch?”

“To serve you mistress”

“No you are not. You are here because you disobeyed me: I had specifically ordered you not to make my husband fall in love with you. But he did. At first, I wanted to kill you right away. Now, instead, I will have a little by torturing you. I always regretted not doing so with Felicia”

“What do you mean mistress? What happened to Felicia?”

“The crazy bitch stole my husband. So I killed her. But she died too fast. And my hubby forgot her too quickly. I wanted him to suffer and beg me to comfort him, but he simply stopped talking to me. Since then, I plotted my vengeance. You were the perfect Felicia… almost a copy. I knew he would fall in love with you. Now, I will not fail a second time. Prepare to suffer little cunt.”

She installed a gag on my mouth, and made sure I really couldn’t move.

“Before I go on, there is something I should have done a long time ago. Shut you off. You’ll be dead in a few days, but before that, I want to get rid of your cunt.”

She showed me a needle, and a roll of string.

“This is a new polyester suture. When a stitch is made with it, it is so strong that once in a wound, almost nothing will remove it. Plus, it has a very high tissue drag, meaning that even if you do manage to untie one end, the rest will be a pain to pull out and might even refuse to do it. The only reason doctors don’t use it, is that it’s almost impossible to remove.”

“Why I am telling you this ? Because I am going to sew you up. That’s right. I am going to sew your labia together, closing down your pussy forever.”

She painfully inserted a catheter in my bladder, emptying it completely, followed by a painful and abrupt pull of the catheter, which made me feel a level of pain I never experienced before in my whole life.

“Great. I didn’t want to get some filth on my hands while I am working. You won’t be able to pee anytime soon, but since you won’t really drink, it won’t matter.”

I couldn’t see what she was doing, but I could clearly feel it. I could feel each of the stitches as she pierced my labia with her needle, knitting her way from my rectum to my clitoris. At first, I thought the pain wasn’t too strong compared to my irritated bladder, but as she progressed and tied knots after knots, I could feel the suture pulling on my pussy lips.

When she was finally thru, I could sense the suture pulling down on my clitoris. At first, I thought it would be pleasurable, but instead it just numbed it, making me lose all the sensations as she was working on top of it, frequently brushing against it.

Fortunately, I was feeling less and less pain in general.

“So, how do you feel, little cunt ? Awful ? It’s going to get worse….”

I couldn’t really understand myself. I knew she just robbed me from my main sexual organ, and I knew she would be killing me in a few days, but for now, I was thrilled.

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