Susanna Chapter 3: Finding a boy

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So, I had a few weeks to get myself a boyfriend and lose my virginity in a romantic way.

That was a handful. I had seen several sex acts during my visit at the academy and wanted to try them as soon as I could but sadly I couldn’t just find the first guy around and fuck him.

Or could I ?

The notion of romantic love was something every little girl dreamed of. Going to the academy had opened my eyes. Rare were the girls who really found their prince charming so they settled to whatever was left when they got older.

If you decided to find someone, almost anyone, when you were young and got to learn about what you really wanted instead of waiting endlessly for your one true love, then perhaps you would know what it was you wanted before it was too late.

In movies and fairy tales, the prince usually arrived when the unsuspecting future princess was 16 or 17. She was swept off her feet and immediately wed into pure love for the rest of their lives.

Even if I managed to find a perfect boyfriend, I would spend a month in a few weeks exploring every corner of sexuality. Would he still be perfect then ? Would we still be compatible ?

And if we are, what would spending 2 years in sexual servitude change in me ? Like many other girls, I had been waiting for something to happen all my life to change my boring existence into something amazing. After all, fairy tales promised it.

I had something amazing coming for me already, a month of pure sex and joy where I will learn to be a perfect little slut. Come on, don’t judge me. You all wish you would be able to do too. Let’s face it, sluts have all the fun and all the guys.

Wait, was that me talking or was it my hormones ? In all cases, I knew where to find a boy to date.

It wasn’t really hard to do since I don’t have a lot of competition. If you eliminate all of the girls who want to wait until after their slave years to date and all of the girls waiting for their prince charming it didn’t leave a lot of them available.

Boys on the other hand, didn’t want until their were 21 to lose their cherry so they actively propositioned every girl in the hope one will say yes.

I reviewed in my mind my options and remembered that Eric was both nice to me and living only a few blocks away. I had problems in Math with trigonometry and he had always been there for me.

The next Tuesday at school, I realized that he kept making stupid jokes around so I tried to laugh to as many as I could, smiling silently around him otherwise.

I complimented him a few times and even sighed loudly once when he held me the door to our math class.

Still, he didn’t make a move so I decided to ask him for help with a math homework after school. He proposed to come to my house but I suggested we went to his place instead. I didn’t want my parent to snoop into my life now that I was so close.

We sat on his bed and I leaned closer to him to follow his instructions in his book. As he was talking, I laid my hand on his thigh and leaned closer. His voice tensed up a little but he continued his explication.

Seeing as he was still clueless, I rested my head on his shoulder hoping to get a reaction. I did. He stopped talking and asked me if I still needed help with math.

“With math ? No.”

He turned toward me and looked into my eyes. I could feel the intensity of his thought process as he tried to understand what was going on.

I leaned my lips a little closer and slowly closed my eyes. I waited a few seconds and soon enough, we were kissing.

I moved closed to him and started to hug him hoping he could feel my breasts pressing against his chest. He circled his arms around me and held me closer without our lips breaking contact.

After a few minutes, I pushed him on the bed so he laid on his back. I went on top of him to kiss him and quickly, he turned around to move on top of me.

We kept kissing passionately and I could feel him caress my still virgin body with his hands. He was visibly moving very slowly in order not to break my concentration.

Eventually, after what felt like an eternity, I finally felt his hesitating hands on my generous breasts. I had finally reached second base.

I intensified the pressure on his lips to signify him that I was approving of his attempt, but he still remained tense and slowly withdrew both his hands from my body and his lips from mine.

“So, are you my girlfriend now ?”

He looked like a sad puppy dog longing for attention.

“I don’t know. I guess. I am not sure.”. I had decided to play the innocent.

“Cool. Do you want to go see a movie Friday ? ”

That would mean waiting another 3 days for the next date.

“Sure. But perhaps I could also come back tomorrow ?”

“I guess”

I thanked him and went home. He wasn’t my prince charming, but I would charm him nonetheless. It was only a matter of time.

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